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Thursday, October 6, 2016

And Then There Were Five!


Gosh! Can't believe that i can actually sit & type CALMLY here, today. Finally! The Mr. has been nagging me to do this. To find some me-time. Create some me-time. It's just that i felt Ali (our youngest, whom is now 7mo) still needs mummy full time at home. Then again, it's just me. I can be pretty hard on myself at times. 

Anyhow, this feels good! Damn good! As i sip my coffee & breath in the aroma of this Dr. Cafe Coffee..
(coz Starbucks is too mainstream?? haha! Nah, it's just a matter of convenience-more parking space here)
im thinking how i miss this. 
-I miss blogging
-I miss my sewing

Ok, enough on those personal stuff. Just last week i managed to whip up some sewing projects for Sara's birthday. So quite an achievement there as well! :)
She's been wanting some accessories for her baby doll. So i've decided to make some diapers, bassinet, blanket/swaddle, wipes & a diaper bag. 

Proudly carrying her baby bassinet

Pretty cute diaper back pack don't ya think? 

Here are some of the tutorials that became my guide. I did alter some measurements for the diaper bag. Do drop me any questions/comments if u need more info ya!

Till then, wish me more productive sewing & blogging time! 

**Baby Wipes**

**Baby Bassinet**

**Diaper Bag**

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Choosing the Right Stabiliser for Your Embroidery Work

Salam all..

As some of u might already know, embroidery is not a new thing to me. However, let me tell u a secret. All these while, i've been doing it wrong. I've actually been using interfacing as my stabiliser. 
Which is a big NO-NO people!! If you want to preserve the quality of your work, as well as maintain the quality of your machine, stick to the right stabiliser ok! 

For those of you sewing novices, or sewing-illeterate **hehe** now is the que for 
"What the heck are these interfacing & stabiliser thingy??""

Well.... to simply put, it is actually a layer of mesh that you put below your desired fabric to give it a nice support for the machine to embroider into. Here, look at these for better understanding :)

**Oh, btw, I referred here for different types of stabiliser**

This is the 'Tear Away Stabilizer'. I bought it from Spotlight IKANO for RM104.99

Additional info:
-Cut Away Stabilizer is RM104.99
-Water Soluble Stabilizer is RM89.99

This is how the stabilizer looks like from the wrong side of your project

Once embroidery is done, take it out from the hoop..

..and just tear away the stabilizer. Gently..

Tada..!! The end product :)

**This is actually a customised order. Diaper Tote/Bag available on my Etsy Shop for RM150**

Ok, that is all for now. I hope you will find this useful for any of your future projects! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keepsake Hoop Art

New Product on Etsy : Personalised Digital Portrait

Salam all..

Yeay! Alhamdulillah, I've managed to add on another product to my Etsy line. After a few experiments, I've came up with a prototype. I find that this hoop art thingy is becoming a trend nowadays, so why not join the bandwagon right? hehe
Initially i wanted to turn this digital portrait into a cushion cover..or maybe just frame it up with IKEA frames. That would be nice too. 
But after testing one out, with my son as the model, the end product is just awesome!

For now, my customised hoop art is only for 
*an 8" wooden hoop
*maximum of 15 letters/numbers
*black&white / sephia image

                            Here, take a look at my prototype. What do you think? Nice, no?

                                                       The original photo vs the end product

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cheesy Potatoes Casserole

Salam.. Hi all!

OhEMGeee!! This recipe is so easy peasy & delicious u won't believe it!
Perfect as a side dish or a late night snack. It is so creamy & cheesy, you'll have to take a raincheck on that diet of yours. Mmmmwahahaha! 

I've pinned in on my Recipe board here

Customised Cushion Cover


Very glad to have finally finished this project. It was actually a customised order from a friend. She wanted something special as gifts for her daughter's paediatricians. Her newborn baby was in the ICU for a month i think, if not more. So she was really grateful to all the hospital staffs, especially the doctors for taking good care of her baby. 

I've delayed it a few times due to unforeseen circumstances. Family members falling ill.. My machine falling ill... Huhu :(

So, yah, finally its done. Still with me though. I've to meet her up soon to pass these two goodies!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sambal Goreng Jawa Recipe


Hi all..!! I've meaning to blog about this for the longest time. Mainly because I want to document it for my own future reference. This is THE famous raya dish in my family. My mom will prepare this every year, without miss. This famous recipe actually came from my late grandmother (dad's mom).

Since my mom was staying here for a bit, i asked her to cook this for me. Hehe (She had taught me before, but just in case i forgot some of the ingredients/steps.. )

You'll need:
-Limpa, paru, hati, daging
-Cili kering
-Bawang Goreng
-Gula Kabung
-Asam Jawa
-Salt to taste

Limpa, Hati, Paru & Daging (1 pack each) - Rebus

Lepas rebus, potong dadu & goreng. Tak perlu sampai garing. 
Cili kering (agak2) -  potong serong & deep fry dalam 2,3 minit sahaja

Gula kabung, santan, asam jawa

Mixture of 1 box of santan kotak, 1 box water, & about 1 tbsp of asam jawa. But personally i think u can put 2 boxes of santan & omit the water. 

Put all the main ingredients in a medium wok/pan & add on the santan mixture.

...just to cover the main ingredients like so
Bring to a boil
Add in the gula kabung. Not to forget some salt. Adjust to your liking
Add in the cili kering
... and bawang goreng
Cook until the santan thickens. 

Tada..!! Here it is, ready to be served with some rice or nasi impit or ketupat :)