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Monday, March 1, 2010

Booties & Gladiators Hunting

Hmm....i've fallen head over heels. For booties and gladiators. Many of my friends are aware about my shoe obsession. I do have tons of them and i cant stop buying. But i dont normally go for the big brands though. I mean i do buy them occassionally ,but I will normally go for designs instead of the name. I try to find different ones than what i already have. To make sure that they can cater for ANY OUTFIT at ANY OCCASSION..hihi..

Since i am blessed with the height (Thank You God, Aminn), i dont really need high heels. I normally wear 1-2 inch heels. But after much survey, i cant find decent designs in low heels. What a frustation! Thus began the hunt for shoemakers.. seriously. But i realized that shoemakers are indeed very scarce in the Klang Valley.. The most reliable shop that i found is Thomas Chan in Bangsar Shopping Centre & Great Estern Mall Ampang. I've given the lady of a sample of my magazine-cut-out-design, and she said she will check with the shoemaker itself and get back to me. I gave her my number and she never called. So that was the end of that.

Still relentlessly looking i finally found A LOT of nice ones from ALDO.. but the heels... (GULP!!) They only came in...not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 inche heels...!!

What the heck. They were gorgeous........ I NEED TO GET ONE...(For God knows what occassion, i'll figure it our later)So now i got my perfect gladiator heels. And i am still looking for more. Different shoe for different outfit right? hehe.. :) Happy shoe hunting people.

P/s: oh i also bought 2 more new booties from my trip to Shanghai & Shenzen *Happinesss*

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