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Monday, June 7, 2010

Women's Designer Handbags


  1. Cleaning : Try to make a routine on cleaning your handbags often. Cleaning means you are cleaning off dirt,polishing or moisturizing it in order to prevent dirt from sticking. I use a soft old cotton T-shirt to clean my bags or a microfibre cloth – key word : Soft. You don’t want your precious leather bag scratched. You can get Leather Cleaner or Leather Mosturizer by Amway.
  2. Storing: Stuff your authentic handbags when storing. It will hold its shape while being stored. You can do the same at home either with the same stuffing that came from the store or you can stuff it with old T-shirts or towels or even bubble wrap. This way, your bags will hold up well and you will not have those awful creases you sometimes get in improperly stored bags. And PLEASE, when storing your bags, DO NOT SQUEEZE them into a confined space,you will risk creasing the leather. It makes it easy for you to find them too! Also, make sure you store them in dust bags. If you do not have a dust bag, do not fret. Just get an old cotton pillow case and use that as a dust bag. That will do!
  3. Using: Handle your bags, especially lighter bags with clean hands.Avoid handling the designer bag after applying beauty products, face foundations or hand creams. If the weather is really bad and raining consider using a less special handbag. Be careful when you visit a hairdressers with your bag, as hair products can easily splash onto handbags left on the floor at your feet. Clippings of chemically treated hair can land on the bag and leave marks. Don't use your bag as a rest to place paper and write notes. Pointed pens can leave impression tool marks through paper rested on firm leathers.

Ok, hope this will be useful. Tata~!

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