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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheap Fabrics For Sale!! (Free Postage)

Hello everyone! It took me quite some time to update this blog due to some personal & work related issues. Oh well, now that its sorted, i can fully concentrate on this. Woohoo!

Recently, i was in Jakarta for a work/leisure trip. Everybody knows Jakarta IS a shopping haven for the ladies. And some men. Haha. The variety of clothes and fabrics can be overwhelming. Hence, the tendency to 'overspend' wlhen you're there. Just like me ;)

As such, im selling off some of the fabrics that i've bought. Because obviously i've bought like tons of them (ok,tipu la, not tons. But A LOT). Enough to last until the nxt 3 Hari Rayas.. haha..

So, ok, these are all 2meter fabrics. Suitable for making a blouse or any baju kurung top. Especially in our hot weather. The details are as follows:

1. Satin RM100

2. Satin (Multicolour) RM100

3. Chiffon RM100

4. Chiffon RM100

So, if there are any takers out there, do gimme a holla.

Take care ppl. Have a great, splendid, day!

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