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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day I Get Cuckoo In Sg Wang Plaza ;)

MMMMmm...Makeover time!! ok, not really a self-makeover. More like wardrobe makeover. My wardrobe desperately called for an instant 'pick-me-up'.

So,it all started with my sister looking for an output to vent out her anger. What better ways other than retail therapy! Ah-ha..how could i resist.

Hence,to Sg Wang these 2 sisters went...(to those of u who are not familiar with this shopping sanctuary,simply put,it has more than 500 retailers of fashion, electronics, Sidewalk caf├ęs, books, games, software and boutiques!)Basically it is an asylum for those who are on a budget. Or for those who are not brand conscious. We only had an hour to spare and maximum Ringgit to spend..waahahaha..

And finally..look what we found!
Me: 10 tops & 9 scarves
Ms Sister: 14 tops & 3 scarves

I told you i went cuckoo!! :)

I hope u ejoy dressing up as much as i did. Such an awesome mood-booster. Now, go and put on your best outfit and make it a good day! Much love.

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