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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skin Care & Dermatologist

You're so vain!

Ok, okaaaay, I am. Well... who's not,right?

The thing is, I've been getting this pimple & acne problems recently that i've never had before. I wanted to change to a skincare that i've used previously. But Mr Other Half said better go consult a proper dermatologist. Aha.. Ko Skin Specialist! (went once on a friend's recommendation loooong time ago). But this clinic is in Klang, which can be a hassle (dgn traffic jam lagi, parking susah lagi...) haish...

So i googled it, just to see whether they have other clinics nearby. Yeay!! they have 1 in Cheras & 1 in Mont Kiara (cayalah, lagi dekat! ). They are open from 10-6.30pm on Saturdays & off on Sundays.

I went there, walked in, fortunately not many ppl on a saturday.

Dr Lee attended to me. Hmmm... i liked him. Very detail in explaining. He said that my acne problems must be treated internally (he prescribed some antibiotics) as well as externally (also prescribed the skincare). And i must get this extraction procedure done, to clear all the existing ones (macam facial la kut, its just that they will put a certain chemical after that, tak ingat dah ape nama ntah).

So i end up spending RM800 on the skincare; cleanser,toner,water based moisturizer, acne cream & sunblock. And the procedure is gonna cost another RM180, which ive scheduled it on another date. But apprently, i can return the products after 1 week if i feel that they don't suit my skin. Seriously! That's how confident they are!! And Dr Lee asked me to come back after a month to follow up.

Let's just see.. only time will tell now.. :( Hopefully it works.

For those of who are facing the same conundrum, you can give it a try. Or else, watch this space for further updates yah. Promise. Hehe..

Have a splendid weekend ppl!!

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