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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skin Care & Dermatologist

Just an update. Yesterday was my appointment with Dr Lee for the extraction procedure. :) They removed all the blackheads&whiteheads and after that 2 layers of antiseptic was applied, followed by the normal cleanser,moisturizer,sunblock routine. It took about 45 minutes all in.

It left my face kinda puffy n blotchy..but i still had to get lunch. What d heck.

I can safely say it turned back to normal after at least 1/2 day.

So,beware..if ur planning to do this,make sure you schedule it right. Block your day so that you won't have any important meetings,appointment,events or functions to attend to.

As of now, my journey towards a new, improved & healthy skin is progressing well... Heeeeee.....:) *clap clap*

Take care ppl. Have an awesome day out there!!

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