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Thursday, December 16, 2010


My darlings Yuna & Hana Tajima..

Things i did for you... :( *sob*sob*

On this recent Monday morning, I woke up excitedly knowing that i'll be meeting these 2 girls later today. Woohoo!! I even skipped my sewing class that morning, you know, to be early and all. Ok,at the last minute, Ms Sunshine Sister couldn't make it,so i had to find another partner in crime. Errkkk...

So to cut the story short,i had a friend who is really into fashion shows & stuff,but she's pregnant,so i had to fetch her at home (no sweat pun,coz i invited her in the first place),and we were running late and couldnt find the place,couldnt find where exactly is Basement 6 according to the Nepalese guard's directions .. sabar je lah.. *inhale,exhale,inhale,exhale*

Then we found the place, had to que up (i checked w the organizer at the table and he said the Q is for registration,so we did that ) and when its our turn....

O,oooo sorry...there's no more tickets.They didnt expect for the turnout to be this good.(well hellooo...its YUNA & HANA TAJIMA we're talking about...!!!) And only now he's telling me the Q was actually for MAYSAA discount vouchers. Whhhaaattt???

So...No. We didnt get to see the show.. *boohooo*

Well, the reason for this post is not to condemn the event or anything. But im sure there are a lot off people who got frustrated just like me. Perhaps it could be better organized next time. Here's a couple of ideas that i can think of:

  • Maybe they should have a person in charge of making announcement so that people will not be confused and like dunno where exactly they're supposed to go

  • Perhaps it wouldn't do harm if, IF, for the nxt round they actually sell the tickets so that at least people who came all the way will not be disappointed knowing that there are no more passes

Ok,that is all.. I still love Yuna / Hana loads though :)

Better luck for me nxt time. So back home we went...... we could have waited for the meet & greet session after the show,but i pity my preggie friend, ermmm so..yah,better not. Karang terberanak pulak.

*muka frust yg konon2 tak frust. Haha*

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