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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boyish / Athletic Figure

How to Dress Up If You Have a Boyish / Athletic Figure...

Ok, here goes. A friend has been asking me to style her. So basically i will assume the role of a so-called personal stylist. I've been doing some homework & research in order to bring out the best in this sweet sweet friend of mine.

Firstly I've determined that she has an athletic figure, which means:

  • Undefined waist

  • Narrower hips

  • Small bust

Normally women in this category can get away with most outfits. It's just that they have to pull an extra effort to give it a more voluptious, curvacious look. So based on the discoveries of my research ;p i need to dress her up with this things in mind...

1. A-line skirt is a must as it can skim saddlebags, if any. If not,it can add curve to the sillhouette.

2. Tulip-shaped skirt is a plus. And also turtle neck tops.

3. Jeans.. skinny is best, with pockets/belt to add interest & shape. Flared/bootcut is okay. But the key is to get a pair of jeans that sits low on the waist.

4. Dresses..must avoid wrap styles as it will only empasize the non-existent waistline. Instead, go for dresses that fits tightly around your top half. And also empire style dress,dress worn with bodice,maxi dresses.

5. Jackets... can easily suits most types of jackets.

6. Avoid wearing one colour from head to toe as it can make you look like a bean pole. Try breaking up your shape by wearing different colours.

7. Avoid cargo pants

8. Get tops with front frills/pleats with fuller sleeves and floaty fabrics.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope you will all find these tips useful, just like i did! :)
Happy researching!! Tata....~~~


chuppakidz said...

is this for me?

Fiza Hanif said...

yes dear...
whenever ur ready ;p