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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picks of The Day

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Neck Flouncing Dress
This product has no inner lining but with stretchable design at the back . The front buttons of the dress are not usable , its only for design . The ruffled blouse inside is not included
IDENTITY: 322602921
BRAND: Sylvia, brand from Taiwan

PRICE: RM69.90

Chic Princess Dress With Sleeve Pocket
This product is made of cotton which give you a super comfortable feel . This product emphasize on simple design yet can bring out a chic look !
BRANDSylvia, brand from Taiwan

PRICE: RM61.90

Stripe-Detail Knit Dress
SPECIAL DETAILS: This product is designed with stripe design and different color tone

BRAND:TianMu, brand from Taiwan

PRICE: Now on 15% sale = RM91.72

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Happy shopping ladies... :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make-up: Foundation

M.A.C. Cosmestics vs Elianto vs The Body Shop

Greetings ladies....

Since i've been under home quarantine for quite some time now, i really look forward to my outing session this weekend! *whooppeeee :)* There is some serious shopping to be done. Top of my list is....make-up. A foundation to be precise. Or two. hehe... Since im almost running out of it.

Currently im using a combination of a few cosmetic brands.. namely M.A.C (the best,of course), and also my latest craze, Elianto, and finally The Body Shop. All are equally good and at a different price range. I wear them according to my mood as well as the occassion im attending to.

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

Price: USD29.50

Elianto Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream


(It is a bit oily. But it'll be fine if u wear lose powder/powder on top) This powder,the one that im using now will do. I really love the matte texture of it.

Elianto Whitening Two-way Cake

Price: RM29

The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation

Price: RM65

Im also using this as my concealer. But i think the texture is a bit dry for my liking.

The Body Shop Concealer

Price: RM39

How To Choose The Right Foundation

Expert make-up artist Bobbi Brown says: 'The right foundation will make you look like you’re not wearing any foundation at all.'

So,before we go any further, choosing the best shade for your skin is very crucial. Otherwise, you will regret buying one and will end up not using it at all..what a waste.

Its very simple. 'Stripe Test'!

  • Choose 3 shades that best match your skin tone

  • Dab a stripe of each shade on your jaw

  • Always look at the stripes of colours in natural daylight

  • The right shade will 'disappear' into your skin, not change its colour

  • However, if you can’t find a shade of foundation that perfectly matches your skin then go with a shade that is slightly darker.

Happy beautifying yourselves ladies.. Cant wait to shop this weekend! haha...