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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Hijab Consultation

heee.......this was so unexpected. My 2 friends (well actually just one. The other one 'tumpang sekaki') wanted some advice on how to style their hijabs.

Scenario 1: wanted a more casual look to be worn with t-shirt. Hence, the turban style.
Scenario 2: just wanted another option besides the normal 'tudung sarung

ok, here goes..

This is Iza, the one in scenario 2:

1st, u prep yourself with the anak tudung. This is a self-made,improvised,anak tudung with sanggul by yours truly..

Using a shawl, u place it in a position so that one end is shorter than the other. Sorry if the tudung doesn't really match the blouse coz this is for demo purposes only. ngehh..

like so...

Then, using 3 pins, u pinned it at both sides, just above your ears and 1 at the top, so as not to move the shawl.

tada..... A Happy Customer. chewaahhh...

Customer mendenye. free of charge.

This is Liz, the one in scenario 1:

yes, wear your anak tudung. preferably black,easy to match with any hijabs..

since she wants to match it with a t-shirt, i suggest get a somewhat-funky shawl for this method. with equal length at both ends, u clip it like so..

to make it more secure, you can tie it once

twirl both loose ends, tie it, and bind it around..


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