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Friday, February 24, 2012

More turbans...

Hi girls... As a continuity from my last few posts, here are some looks that you can create for yourselves. Sorry for the lack in quality of photos 'coz I just snapped it from my personal scrapbook.


This is my friend, Fadzela (in turquoise). She wanted to try out the turban style. She had a dinner to attend to and had this gorgeous, heavily beaded dress to play with. So I suggested for her to wear a turtleneck inner to go with it, so as not to hide the beads. Here, you can see the inner of the turban matches with the colour of the dress while the scarf perfectly matches the beadings. Well done! She definitely stood out from the crowd that night! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

As Easy As 123...

Hi all...As requested by many, here goes the demo as promised. Senang je. All you need is an inner & a chiffon scarf. Preferably, get a matching inner-scarf. But doesn't really matter,this is really a simple yet chic way to style ur scarf. Have fun! :)
oh ya, throw in a cute pair of earrings while ur at it.