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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Infinity scarf demo

Hi girls! I am currently crazy about infinity scarves. They are so versatile & easy to style. As promised, here is one very easy peasy style for u :)

Oh, btw I am also letting go of this particular scarf. To make way for new ones... *evil grin*

U need 1 big scrunchy, to create that big sanggul illusion

Position it like so, depending how high u want your sanggul to be

Secure everything nicely. Neat & tight. Not too tight though.

Since this scarf is wide, perhaps you can fold it in half. Like so.

Fasten with a pin

So that it'll stay put

Flip the front end to the back

Bring it to the side, and again fasten it with a pin.

And....ur done!

And....ur done! 

Pretty and ready to go!

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