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Monday, April 30, 2012

Innai Sabun

DIY Halal 'Nail Polish'

I like getting my nails done :) love going for a pedi & meni. But every single time d girl asked me to paint my nails...hmm.. nope, no thanks. Unless its the time of the month. You know.. when we can't perform our solat. Had been looking for other alternatives to put some color on them. Well, definitely innai is one of it. But other than that..?

Hence, the research began. And this is the outcome: 

1. Sabun 'Axion'
2. Kapur sirih (paste)
3. Red food colouring (or any other colour for that matter, as u wish)
3. A toothpick or lidi

 If it doesn't turn out as bright, (like i did this time), u  can try applying another round. Otherwise try adding more colouring to the mixture. 

Enjoy! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

To be... Or not to be..

Hmm..been contemplating whether i should start writing about my journey with Sara. Should i..or should i not. Sayang nye kalau tak. Initially, I wanted to do an actual journal. Hardcopy journal. Well, OBVIOUSLY that didn't happen. haha.. So the only journal that i have, so to speak, is erm....on my FB. Bertuah betul. 

So, i guess, this is it. I shall dedicate a label especially for her. After all, 80% of my time is spent with my princess anyway :)

For a start, to reminisce way back when... here are some photos of the little lady on some of her milestones. When she was still... erm, little. Sekarang dah gedebob. 

Fresh from the oven! 2.66kg

Still bundled up in that fetal position

Early days - sleeping mostly

One of the few awake time 

The day Mommy habis pantang

and cukur..

1st trip: Singapore!!

2nd trip: London!!

Favourite: Bath time! 

Ok. It's official. Sara journey is now virtually endorsed. heheheee

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colour Blocking

Saraya Zahret Boutique

Went to a wedding today. Actually got excited to go since ive just stocked up on some nice baju.. Hihii. Kalau tak sure kena korek baju2 lama..

The wedding itself was somewhat unique, coz it's at 2pm. In a hotel ballroom, in the afternoon. So its more like hi-tea rather than dinner. Complete with the selawat, doa,renjis, sanding, montage..well u know, the whole shebang. And it was a beautiful one. Me likey :)

Anyhow, back to my outfit, since its a day time event, ive decided to just keep it simple. No labuci2 & minimal accessories. And wanted to experiment with colour blocking.

Oh, btw, my blouse & skirt are from Saraya Zahret :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

1 Scarf , 2 Pops

Hahaa.. What an intriguing title. It's actually just another post on my recent Poplook purchase

Sorry same scarf, kes malas gosok tudung ;p

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tudung Aidijuma

With the tagline 'bawal is back', Datin Norjuma is really rockin this evergreen tudung. Ive always liked tudung bawal, it's cooling & comfortable.

Aidijuma comes in a wide range of colours & it's affordable for all.

Jom shopping! ;)

Ps: x reti nk tajamkan tudung mcm Datin. Shd work on that..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That Pop Look blouse

This is the recent baju that I purchased. Cantik kan.. Hihhiii. I'm refraining myself from purchasing more things from them. For this mth at least. Oh May, pls come quick.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Styling: Blue + Orange

My regular 'customer'

My sistah, as usual, raided my wardrobe again! Not that i mind. Actually, i kinda secretly enjoying it.. :) coz styling is like second nature to me.

So besides Miss B (my mannequin), my sister wud naturally be my nxt target.

So,fully sponsored from head to toe by yours truly, here she is in my Topshop skinny jeans(it's so comfy i hv it in 3 colours), bracelets from Diva accessories, H&M ring, and blouse & neck piece from a weekend bazar.