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Friday, April 27, 2012

To be... Or not to be..

Hmm..been contemplating whether i should start writing about my journey with Sara. Should i..or should i not. Sayang nye kalau tak. Initially, I wanted to do an actual journal. Hardcopy journal. Well, OBVIOUSLY that didn't happen. haha.. So the only journal that i have, so to speak, is erm....on my FB. Bertuah betul. 

So, i guess, this is it. I shall dedicate a label especially for her. After all, 80% of my time is spent with my princess anyway :)

For a start, to reminisce way back when... here are some photos of the little lady on some of her milestones. When she was still... erm, little. Sekarang dah gedebob. 

Fresh from the oven! 2.66kg

Still bundled up in that fetal position

Early days - sleeping mostly

One of the few awake time 

The day Mommy habis pantang

and cukur..

1st trip: Singapore!!

2nd trip: London!!

Favourite: Bath time! 

Ok. It's official. Sara journey is now virtually endorsed. heheheee

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