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Monday, April 30, 2012

Innai Sabun

DIY Halal 'Nail Polish'

I like getting my nails done :) love going for a pedi & meni. But every single time d girl asked me to paint my nails...hmm.. nope, no thanks. Unless its the time of the month. You know.. when we can't perform our solat. Had been looking for other alternatives to put some color on them. Well, definitely innai is one of it. But other than that..?

Hence, the research began. And this is the outcome: 

1. Sabun 'Axion'
2. Kapur sirih (paste)
3. Red food colouring (or any other colour for that matter, as u wish)
3. A toothpick or lidi

 If it doesn't turn out as bright, (like i did this time), u  can try applying another round. Otherwise try adding more colouring to the mixture. 

Enjoy! :)

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