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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest hijab trends

Salam all...

Hello. Hello :)

Well, i did some shopping recently coz my wardrobe need a little 'pick-me-up'. And, wow was i surprised!! Didn't plan to get anymore tudung yet. But since the choices out there were so irresistible, i just couldn't help myself. Among other things, i'd like to share just this 2 things which i bought on 2 separate occasion.

1. Neck cover (half turtle-neck)
2. Hoodie Hijab

And as usual, i also include a demo on how you can make use of them

Neck cover

I think this is a very innovative product. Since we do not have the luxury of layering our clothes due to the warm weather all year long, it saves us from having to wear altogether another layer inside. Hence, all u need is just this half turtle-neck top!

This is from Plaza PKNS Shah Alam, price is RM25, without armholes. I like how it neatly grips at the neck. Not too loose and not too tight. The jersey material is stretchable & quite cooling. 

This is from Hajaba Muslimah, price is RM89. 3x of pkns price,but  improvised version, since there is also armholes included. However, the neck is a bit loose for me. Doesnt grip well. 

Pair it with turban hijab (as in my previous entry) & a nice neckpiece, and you're ready to PaRTY!! :)

Hoodie Hijab
This hoodie hijab is also from Plaza PKNS Shah Alam, price is RM85. Notice how i combine it with the blue Hajaba turtle-neck inside. 

You can add on your best pair of earrings for a more edgy look

ps: I just realised that the last few posts is monopolized by blue outfits...hmm... ok, i'll make sure it'll be a different colour next round. promise. haha... happy shopping! :)

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