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Monday, May 21, 2012


Product Review - Naturactor

Salam ladies...

It's here!!! :)
(well since this post is a bit overdue, it HAS been here for a week)

I've been following fatin suhana's updates when i noticed this product that she's selling. Tempted by looking at her flawless skin, decided to order... Wait for it... Not just 1! But 2 naturactor!! One needs a foundation that matches one's skin right. What the heck.

I ordered code 141 & 151. Turned out my skin is best matched by code 151. Oh well i can always use 141 for shading and such (chewahh mcm la tau nak buat shading bagai kan skrg ni)

In the end... My verdict wud be...

Excellent. Awesome. Magnifico!

I love it. I love the smooth & light texture. And the perfect coverage that it gives. You can apply with ur fingers, or with a sponge or with a brush. And you wont need to apply so much anyway. Perfecto! :)

The shade nearer to my ear, 141 does not really match my skin

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yuna Terukir di Bintang

Yuna Performing 'Island'

Yuna Performing 'Gelora Jiwa'

Yuna performing medley of 'Terukir di Bintang & Live your Life'


Heyya fashionistas!! :) Hope you liked the videos.

As mentioned in my earlier post, here's the event's update as promised.

It was held under Biro Sosial Puspanita Pahang, which Yuna's mom was in charged of. While being served with a chinese cuisine dinner, we were entertained with a few performances, fashion shows (one of it was by Iamjetfuelshop it self!), lucky draws, followed by highlight of the night, performance by Yuna. She sang four songs; Island, Gelora Jiwa, medley of Terukir di Bintang & Live your Life, and Dan Sebenarnya.

The night nicely ended with a Meet&Greet session with the pretty songbird :)

My Mama!

Beloved aunty & her daughter

Rombongan Cik Kiah ... ;p

Our table..


The night's programme

Fashion show...

Yay!! She's my height & she's wearing heels!! Coolness
Maybe i shd try wearing heels more often too, now that Yuna gave me the confidence boost. 

Group photo with Aunty Anum :) 

Tokyo Here We Come!!

Tokyo Teaser : Packing for the Princess

Woohooo!! So excited. We're leaving late tomorrow nite. This is gonna be our 1st trip to Japan. Well, for me & Sara that is. Hubby has been there few times. He said i would enjoy Tokyo. So... Here we go :)

This is what im packing for Sara. Might add on few other stuff at the last minute,as usual. We're gonna spend 5 full days there, but im planning for 8 outfits for her, in case of any

Since the weather is gonna be between 16-20c, mommy can do some layering on her clothes. *yay!!!*

ps: outfits are combination of designers & non-designers. Gap/JohnLewis/Zara/FOS Kids/Tesco/Kenanga Wholesale City.
So....yah, moral of the story, don't go burning holes in your pocket for your babies' clothes. They grow up fast & its just not worth it.

Wait up for more coming updates on Tokyo!! :) 
with this, i shall bid you "mata aimasyou, sayonara!" 

Monday, May 14, 2012

F Block and This&That

Salam. Hi ladies!! :)

This is definitely my latest favourite boutique. And the best part is, it's only 5 minutes away from my house. Yay!

Actually i've passed by it many times and every single time was tempted to dropby. But somehow,due to numerous lame reasons, never did. What a shame.

Ok, back to F Block.. Seriously, this is a One.Cool.Shop. You can get pretty blouses at less than RM50. And jackets & pants at less than RM100. They also carry accessories, shoes, and scarves under This&That label. A nice shawl costs between RM19-35.

The shop that i frequent to is in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. Or u can also find them online here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Product Review

Kajal Eyeliner

Salam... Hey ladies! :)

This is definitely one of my favourite must-have item.Not only it's friendly to your purse, but it also gives that jet black effect that you crave! At RM8, this Kajal eyeliner is highly recommended!

I wear it in my daily make-up routine. Just enough to put on a fresh face & subtle enough for everyday chores. 

Oh, here's also my 5-minutes basic make-up tutorial with the Kajal eyeliner. Enjoy! :)

Must have!

Basic Make-up Items..

Tada~!! Finished product ;p

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exclusive Preview of MaudeKL


Yo fashionistas!! :)

Would love to share with u about this new player in town. They carry vintage & vintage- inspired collections.

They also have an in-house designer, Harith Jasni. A multi-talented 26 year old aspiring fashion designer/stylist/make-up artist,graduated from KL Fashion Academy. 'Maude by Harith' is available by pre-order.

Come & check out their lovely blog.