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Monday, May 21, 2012


Product Review - Naturactor

Salam ladies...

It's here!!! :)
(well since this post is a bit overdue, it HAS been here for a week)

I've been following fatin suhana's updates when i noticed this product that she's selling. Tempted by looking at her flawless skin, decided to order... Wait for it... Not just 1! But 2 naturactor!! One needs a foundation that matches one's skin right. What the heck.

I ordered code 141 & 151. Turned out my skin is best matched by code 151. Oh well i can always use 141 for shading and such (chewahh mcm la tau nak buat shading bagai kan skrg ni)

In the end... My verdict wud be...

Excellent. Awesome. Magnifico!

I love it. I love the smooth & light texture. And the perfect coverage that it gives. You can apply with ur fingers, or with a sponge or with a brush. And you wont need to apply so much anyway. Perfecto! :)

The shade nearer to my ear, 141 does not really match my skin


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