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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Product Review

Kajal Eyeliner

Salam... Hey ladies! :)

This is definitely one of my favourite must-have item.Not only it's friendly to your purse, but it also gives that jet black effect that you crave! At RM8, this Kajal eyeliner is highly recommended!

I wear it in my daily make-up routine. Just enough to put on a fresh face & subtle enough for everyday chores. 

Oh, here's also my 5-minutes basic make-up tutorial with the Kajal eyeliner. Enjoy! :)

Must have!

Basic Make-up Items..

Tada~!! Finished product ;p


audrey kit said...

Thanks for sharing this Fiza, btw where to buy the Kajal eyeliner?

Fiza Hanif said...

Hi Audrey. Thx for dropping by :)
oh yah, forgot to mention that. I normally buy it at Mydin or the cosmetic kiosks (selected malls). Or maybe in Semua House in KL. I have extra if u wanna buy. hehe