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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tokyo Here We Come!!

Tokyo Teaser : Packing for the Princess

Woohooo!! So excited. We're leaving late tomorrow nite. This is gonna be our 1st trip to Japan. Well, for me & Sara that is. Hubby has been there few times. He said i would enjoy Tokyo. So... Here we go :)

This is what im packing for Sara. Might add on few other stuff at the last minute,as usual. We're gonna spend 5 full days there, but im planning for 8 outfits for her, in case of any

Since the weather is gonna be between 16-20c, mommy can do some layering on her clothes. *yay!!!*

ps: outfits are combination of designers & non-designers. Gap/JohnLewis/Zara/FOS Kids/Tesco/Kenanga Wholesale City.
So....yah, moral of the story, don't go burning holes in your pocket for your babies' clothes. They grow up fast & its just not worth it.

Wait up for more coming updates on Tokyo!! :) 
with this, i shall bid you "mata aimasyou, sayonara!" 

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