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Monday, July 9, 2012

How to do 'Tokyo in 5 days'

...continued from earlier post

Day 3
Hato Bus Tour - Meiji Shrine - Tokyo Tower (pass through) - Imperial Palace & garden - Asakusa (Sanja Matsuri Festival) - tour finished

Takeshita Dori, Harajuku - Tokyo Dome - (dinner)

Hato Bus 1/2 day tour will cost you 5000yen per adult, which is about  RM200.
Bus is big, and seats are comfortable :)
The funny Mr Sato, our tour guide. 

First visit, Tokyo Tower.
 Then off to Meiji Shrine.

Followed by Imperial Palace & Garden

Lastly, Asakusa.
We then proceeded to Takeshita-Dori, Harajuku on our own.

Sorry for the crap video :(
just wanna share the atmosphere there
"Tokyo Dome, the symbol of Tokyo Dome City. An all-weather multipurpose stadium where a variety of events are being staged throughout the year, including baseball games, domestic & international sporting events, exhibitions, and concerts" 
We ended our night with a dinner at Yarakucho-Yakitori Alley.
"...an authentic experience. A small alleyway underneath a train line where commuters and Japanese congregate under rickety stalls that look slightly patched together. It's small, packed and absolutely fascinating." -www.notquitenigella.com

* * * * * * *

Day 4
Shibuya - Cat Street

More slow paced after a full day yesterday. We repeated our roam around Shibuya & Cat Street, shopping for clothes & souvenirs. 

* * * * * * *

Day 5
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden - check out - airport

The magnificent view in Shinjuku Gyoen Garden.
"A large park with an eminent garden. Originally a residence of the Naito family under the Edo period. Afterwards, it became a garden under the management of the Imperial Household Agency of Japan. It is now a park under the jurisdiction of the national Ministry of Environment"... -Wikipedia

Oh, the bottom photo symbolizes a true Melayu abroad ;p
Don't forget your rice cooker, Nasgera, sambal ikan bilis & other local instant food that you can find.
After all, one can only eat so much sushi.

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