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Monday, July 9, 2012

Kenanga Wholesale City


Ok, this entry is waaayyy overdue. Almost forgot about it actually. Anyhow, this place reminds me of one of the malls in Bangkok. Don't know why. Ade correlation kah? hmm maybe because of all the bargaining in there. It's huge! ok lah, not huge. Big. Puas la nak shopping :)

I've known about Jln Kenanga a long time ago. I think for anyone who's been born & bred in KL, they are bound to know, or at least hear about this place. As for myself I've actually been there once before. Before the mall. They were numerous shops along Jln Kenanga that sells clothing on wholesale terms. Wholesale only, retail were not acceptable.

Come 2011, things changed. Kenanga Wholesale City Mall was built and most of the shops moved indoor. Now, they accept wholesale as well as retail. So for those who wanna get a good bargain, this is definitely the place. Also, for those who want to go into retail business, this is a good place to start.

Oh, where is it by the way??

The best directions that i can give is if you're coming from Berjaya Times Square/the old Pudu Jail, right after you passed the Hang Tuah (if im not mistaken) monorail station, slow down... and turn left into Jalan Kenanga (duhh ;p)

Eh, eh, ade pulak model 2 org tengah minum kopi.. taknak shopping ke uncle? 

haaa...hamikkkaw! masuk2 je dah berpinar mata..

Shopping yang wajib, mestilah for my princess!


Go start your Raya shopping now! MMmmhuahuahuaa *evil laughter*  ;)


Dollar Store Merchandise said...

That's a fantastic wholesale store!

Almiraz said...

Wow!...I need to go here...baju2 kat situ best tak?...what about the price?

Fiza Hanif said...

Best.. Price pun best:) if u buy more than 3pcs, they can give u wholesale price