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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lindam Play Yard / Play Pen

How To Protect Your Crawling/Climbing Baby?

  • Is your child above 6 months old?
  • Has your child started crawling & climbing everywhere around the house?
  • Has your child started to get restless when you leave them in their cot?
  • Do you feel that you lack time for yourself chasing after them?
  • Do you need a breather?

If your child is behaving in any sorts that is almost as similar as these photos.......


TADA!!! I have a solution for you! (chewahhh mcm eklan gitteww)








I bought this at MyBBStore. Retail at RM859. Discounted price RM514. Berbaloi baloi i tell you...
(The sale is on until 2nd September. Can also buy online)

Hamboihhh!! Happy sungguh si bam-bam. 

The next day, bought another set!
What a big nice playground for my darling Sara!! :)

Now mommy can do more sewing/blogging/cooking/cleaning in peace... :)


Annisa mulia said...

Looks safety ^^
And big enough for the baby to play and practice walking..

Ogy Nordin said...

Wah! Suke baby gadjet nih! Tapi takde baby rasanya letak Apak okeh kot muuahahhahaa