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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lompat Tikam @ Bubur Sum-sum

Traditional Malay Dessert


Marilah kita belajar membuat kuih traditional. As a matter of fact, i am a malay-kuih-lover! Kuih keria, kuih kaswi, kuih cucur badak, mmmm yummy..and macam2 kuih lagi lah. Including this one. Mom always made this every now & then. And finally i get to spend some time to learn this from her. It is pretty simple actually. 

For the green base:
-2 cups of tepung beras
-12 daun pandan blended with 2 cups of water (sieved)
-6 cups of additional water
-some kapur sirih (about 1 teaspoon)
-green colouring if u wish

For the white topping:
-1 cup of tepung beras
-6 cups of santan
-some salt to taste
-daun pandan for flavor

Hope u will try this out! My mom's own recipe... :)

Buttercup Handbag

Salam to all...

Had a lil girl's birthday party to attend to, hence got me thinking what can i make for this 8yo girl. Again, youtube was my saviour! ngehngehngehh...
But this time around, couldn't really find a decent video tutorial for a buttercup handbag. There's a few tutorials by various bloggers though. One by Made-by-Rae, and another one from this Craftster Forum. As such, i combined these 2 info and...
finally this is the end product! which im very proud of. 
Tak sia2 study berejam2 on my ipad!

I would say the time spent researching on this project was more than the time i took to make the project itself.  But it was so worth it. So self-satisfying i tell yah! :)

Here are the 6 major steps that i did....

Step 1: Cut the fabrics 

2. Prepare the casing & lining

3. Prepare the zipper

4. Prepare the lining batting. I used HeatnBond to stick the batting to the lining fabric

5. Prepare the strap. Dont forget to interface, to make it more stable & sturdy. 

6. Sew up the whole project

Haaa...inilah hasilnya tuan2 & puan2...
Cantik tak? :p