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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crayon Roll Tutorial

Watch "DIY: Crayon Roll Tutorial" on YouTube

Salam everybody....

Yeay! Harini dh siap lagi satu project. Actually lama dh nak try buat benda alah ni. Tapi dulu xde keperluan lagi.

Sejak Sara dah pandai pegang crayon ni...haa baru la semangat sikit nak buat. Nanti dia jugak yang pakai.

Research adalah based on youtube & blog rakan2.. tapi saya rasa yg paling helpful is from Prudent Baby. Fabric yang dia pakai pun cantik sgt!

Enjoy uolllss!! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Girls' Dress


Halu halu. Hope u all are having a wonderful Monday. As for me, today has been purposedly slow-paced. Specifically to catch up on things/errands at home.

Since the last few posts have been nothing but cooking, how about some sewing updates today? *yeay*

Well last week I was called to give a lesson to a group of ladies. They wanted to learn how to make a simple dress for girls. So I whipped up this simple pattern for them. I'll post it here for reference..
Novices out there probably can give it a try. It's pretty easy & straightforward.

My sample here is still work-in-progress coz I intend to finish it together with the ladies during class (still ongoing). For clear illustration purposes.

Ok, hope u'll find this useful.

Tata... :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Apam Pisang Gula Hangus

Salam beautiful people...

This is another cooking entry. Bukan nya ape. Actually besides sharing, it also serves as reference for me in the future. Senang nak recall recipe mane yg sedap.

And mention of sedap, this recipe is so worth it guys. Simple. But so sedaaaappppp. What a perfect combo. It's soft, moist, & lemak manis!

I got it from Home Kreation. Go check her out!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ikan Bawal Masak Stim (cheating)

Smlm tetibe tekak teringin pulak nak makan ikan bawal masak stim. Check dulu brg2 sume cukup.. ok lets do it!
Resipi adelah hasil sumbangan akak ni.
Tapi dia bukan masak stim pun sebenarnye. Rebus je..
Tapi still sedap. Lepas ni boleh try masak stim pulak.
Ok, have a good week everybody :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Stocking Up on Sewing Supplies

Salam my dear friends...
Today is a happy day for me. Heheh.. coz i've been stocking up on some sewing supplies :)
It's not so much of a 'need' anyway, its more like 'want'. Haha. I can still finish up few projects in hand. But the mere joy of getting new stuff will somehow motivate one to be more creative, hence creating more stuff. *excuses*
I got these from Bunga Reben in KL & some of it from Ikano, ground floor (forgot the name)...

Friday, April 5, 2013

My First DIY Peplum Blouse

Hihiii best nye bajuku sudah siap! Senang jugak buat peplum ni. Siapa yg dh ade basic menjahit sure lagi cepat belajar.
Anyway..tutorial blom siap lagi. Ade sape2 interested pun ke...Haha
Ok, promote sikit. Those who have time to take up sewing lesson, check out the available classes on fb under the centre's page 'Pusat Latihan Smart Skill'.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Ahmazing Schmazing Machines

Salam to all!

Just wanna share some insights on the variety of sewing machines. When I first signed up for sewing lesson back in 2010, my teacher recommended me to get the industrial machine. Which is more durable & heavy duty. So i bought the Singer industrial sewing machine.However it is not flexible as it mainly does straight stictching.

Nxt, I got myself a serger/overlocker. Also from Singer. This time I bought a portable one instead. Coz its cheaper, more suitable for home-usage, and also small in size.

Most recently, hubby got me this Brother Innovis machine. Which is super super amazing! It is the ultimate portable all-in-one machine. Straight stitching, overlock, embroidery, the possibilities are endless! :)

So, to sum it up, if you're a novice & ready to invest in one machine, find one that can at least do these 2 things:
-straight stitch
As these will be safe bets for any sewing or craft projects.

*Next on my list:
adjustable seamstress dress form. Like this red one that I found on ebay. Cant wait to get one, so that i can start experimenting on some simple draping techniques ! :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baju Melayu baby & Baju Kurung mummy

Haluu halu...

Haihhh selesai sudah these 2 baju. I've delivered them over lunch just now. Right on time, as requested by the mummy. It's for the baby's aqiqah this sunday.

This will be my 2nd baju melayu for a baby. So proud of myself *pat on back* hihihi.. yela puji la diri sendiri ye dak. Penat dah ni menjahit siang malam ;)

Circle Skirt


Hello everybody. Today I'll be sharing with u on how to make this easy peasy circle skirt. Just fold your fabric in 4, measure your desired waisteline & length, add seam allowance.. and voila!! Ur done.

I found this really helpful tutorial here:


*ps: sorry coz this post is a bit a bit all over the place. Still familiarizing with my new gadget. Hehe.. ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note2

Nyiahahaha...I dont know whether im supposed to be happy or sad. Finally departed with my Iphone & converted to Samsung.

Yes. I finally succumbed to Yuna's endorsed gadget!

So far so good. Im still exploring. Loving the 'S Note' feature. Makes idea generating more creative & flexible.

So, my first post after hibernating is all about this new discovery of mine.
Samsung galaxy Note2.  Highly recommended!

*These are some of d 'tests' done upon purchase. Hihihiii..
Tgh excited gittewww