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Monday, April 22, 2013

Girls' Dress


Halu halu. Hope u all are having a wonderful Monday. As for me, today has been purposedly slow-paced. Specifically to catch up on things/errands at home.

Since the last few posts have been nothing but cooking, how about some sewing updates today? *yeay*

Well last week I was called to give a lesson to a group of ladies. They wanted to learn how to make a simple dress for girls. So I whipped up this simple pattern for them. I'll post it here for reference..
Novices out there probably can give it a try. It's pretty easy & straightforward.

My sample here is still work-in-progress coz I intend to finish it together with the ladies during class (still ongoing). For clear illustration purposes.

Ok, hope u'll find this useful.

Tata... :)

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