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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Ahmazing Schmazing Machines

Salam to all!

Just wanna share some insights on the variety of sewing machines. When I first signed up for sewing lesson back in 2010, my teacher recommended me to get the industrial machine. Which is more durable & heavy duty. So i bought the Singer industrial sewing machine.However it is not flexible as it mainly does straight stictching.

Nxt, I got myself a serger/overlocker. Also from Singer. This time I bought a portable one instead. Coz its cheaper, more suitable for home-usage, and also small in size.

Most recently, hubby got me this Brother Innovis machine. Which is super super amazing! It is the ultimate portable all-in-one machine. Straight stitching, overlock, embroidery, the possibilities are endless! :)

So, to sum it up, if you're a novice & ready to invest in one machine, find one that can at least do these 2 things:
-straight stitch
As these will be safe bets for any sewing or craft projects.

*Next on my list:
adjustable seamstress dress form. Like this red one that I found on ebay. Cant wait to get one, so that i can start experimenting on some simple draping techniques ! :)

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