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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mega Project - Armchair Slip Cover


Hi all! Ok, note to readers. This post is overloaded with photos. I think that's d best way to illustrate such tedious process tbroughout this project.
I referred to books, internet & youtube for this project. Pheww! Felt like I was researching for a thesis. Haha

Anyhow... surprisingly it only took 3 days to complete.
Day1: take measurement of the armchair/wingchair & cut out the measured pieces respectively.
Day2: drape the pieces onto the chair, leave room for seam allowances & tucks (back of the seat)
Day3: baste stich, take the whole piece out of the chair, & machine stitch
You can also refer here for some examples.

This is from a book that i found at Times bookstore. Didnt buy the book though. Just snapped fotos of the neccessary pages. hehe unethical, i know!

Day 1: Measure & cut

Dont forget to label all your pieces.

Day 2: Draping

This is how i pinned the fabric. It is best if you have t-pins. If not, the normal pins will do just fine

I leave about 4-5inches extra to tuck into the seat

Once the fabric is taking shape, u can pin it this way to keep the fabric pieces together. 

Day 3: Baste stitch, followed by machine stitch

Baste stitch. Using a contrasting thread. 

Before..... :(


Kuah Lodeh


Hello beautiful people..

Smlm terasa mcm nak makan lontong. Ketupat instant ade lagi dlm pantry. Sotong kering nak buat sambal pun ade. Tinggal nak beli  brg2 kuah lodeh je.. tempe, fucuk, tauhu..sayur2 yang lain mmg dah ade dlm fridge.

Tapi xtau mcm mana nak buat. Hehe..

Again, pakcik google lah tempat rujukanku.
Silalah rujuk blog akak ni untuk resipi asal.

Sedap...lain kali boleh masak lagi. Macam ni boleh la shortlist utk menu raya. Heheh :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mini Fabric Container

Quilted fabric container

Salam ladies..

This is what ive produced over last weekend. It came out of a necessity actually. (Sara's hairclips 'collection' is increasing by the day, and I tend to chuck it here & there)

Hence, a proper place to keep them is required.

Here's where I found the tutorial.

I love it. I plan to make more of this soon. Probably for the cutleries when guests come over, or for my make up stuffs.. or my sewing stuffs..
(This one is not as neat as I wanted it to be. Note to self: peobably should iron on interfacing to make it more sturdy)

Ok..have a good week ahead ladies! :)

Sewing Lesson for Lembah Subang Ladies


Remember this post few months back.
I started teaching a group of ladies on how to sew girls' dress.

Well..after about 4..or was it 5 lessons..we are finally done. The ladies are mostly first timers, so I really took it slow with them.

Nonetheless, in the end, they completed it. Felt proud somehow..proud of them.

Anyhow, this program is sponsored by the MyKasih NGO.

Tq MyKasih :) they've helped a lot ladies to acquire useful skills in order for them to generate income.