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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mega Project - Armchair Slip Cover


Hi all! Ok, note to readers. This post is overloaded with photos. I think that's d best way to illustrate such tedious process tbroughout this project.
I referred to books, internet & youtube for this project. Pheww! Felt like I was researching for a thesis. Haha

Anyhow... surprisingly it only took 3 days to complete.
Day1: take measurement of the armchair/wingchair & cut out the measured pieces respectively.
Day2: drape the pieces onto the chair, leave room for seam allowances & tucks (back of the seat)
Day3: baste stich, take the whole piece out of the chair, & machine stitch
You can also refer here for some examples.

This is from a book that i found at Times bookstore. Didnt buy the book though. Just snapped fotos of the neccessary pages. hehe unethical, i know!

Day 1: Measure & cut

Dont forget to label all your pieces.

Day 2: Draping

This is how i pinned the fabric. It is best if you have t-pins. If not, the normal pins will do just fine

I leave about 4-5inches extra to tuck into the seat

Once the fabric is taking shape, u can pin it this way to keep the fabric pieces together. 

Day 3: Baste stitch, followed by machine stitch

Baste stitch. Using a contrasting thread. 

Before..... :(


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