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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Books for Mothers

Salam all. 

I have always loved books. I used to only read the novel & fiction types. Later on, i discovered a newfound love for self-help books. Yeah, sometimes people tend to think that they are a bit overrated & cliched, but so far reading them has been nothing but beneficial to me. 

So...since sharing IS caring, harini I nak share sikit lah on some of the books that i read (& re-read) when it comes to motherhood. 

1. I got this at the Big Bad Wolf sale. Not bad. Basically it gives you tips on how to take it easy when it comes to motherhood. Prioritise on things that benefits your children family the most, instead of concentrating&stressing over the petty stuff. 

2. Whoaahh! Ok, some warning first. This book is quite controversial. The author herself is not a mother per se, she is merely a nurse with a lot of experience in taking care of newborn babies & toddlers. She came up with these specific routines on breastfeeding/feeding/sleeping etc.. So, some readers find her a bit too strict to be applying that on small babies. However, as one of her fan myself, i would disagree. Coz her routines are just basic guidelines. You can slowly fit them to your baby's natural rythm as well as your own comfort. 
This book has been the BEST for me so far. I applied the routines with Sara as soon as she was born. And i think, Sara has been a well behaved (so far, alhamdulillah) & 'contented' baby because of this book :)

3. This is a more easy-going book, although it also lays out some routines for your baby. What i like most about this book is it teaches you on how to detect & interpret signals from your baby. From there, you will know whether your baby is wet/tired/hungry/wants attention, etc...

4. Haha. This is pretty self-explanatory. Also a very good book. If you want to shape your baby's IQ from the get-go, read this! It tells you how you're supposed to communicate with them from the moment that there were born. Also highly recommended! (Just for the record, Sara starts talking at the age of 8 months old)

5. Aaaand...finally this has been my recent purchase. Of course, the reason is obvious. As a first time mother to a second baby, i need to know about all the "what to do & what not to do" with Sara when once her baby brother arrives. 

Alhamdulillah, it has mostly been positive with Sara. She has been quite an advanced baby (so people say). We even think that she can be too matured for her age at times, coz she is such a talkative toddler. She continues to surprise us every single day! She can now eat & play on her own, and she was fully toilet-trained at the age of 2 (thanks to my mother's advice)

Learning itself is a never ending process. So we keep on trying our best to provide the best for our children. Kan? The rest, we shall leave it to HIM. 
Berusaha, berdoa, bertawakkal. May all of us mothers be blessed with wonderful & healthy children.. Ameeeen :)

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