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Friday, February 21, 2014

Lamanye Tak Update Blog Weii !!

Haluu haluu...Salam everybody.

Manelah menghilangnye ilham dan sumber inspirasiku.... *haha. puitis sungguh!*
Semua pakai 'touch & go' update je, jatuh standard betul. Sendiri pun x puas hati ni. Hmmmphh!

Well...end of 2013 up until now i have been a bit quiet. As i have announced earlier, we have a 2nd baby on the way. I found out that i was pregnant during raya haritu. Alhamdulillah..syukur. On that note, there wasn't a lot of people knew that we went through a small bump along the way. We lost a baby at 5 weeks old in January :(
Little that we knew a surprise awaits us in August. Allah is Great! :)

Hence, the pregnancy journey began. Sama je dengan time kakak dia dulu. Complete package lah bak kata orang. Mual, muntah, tak boleh makan, pening, tak larat bangun. Just name it. Luckily we were in the States when it started. Somehow they have a good set of medication for morning sickness. Apasal doctor i kat sini dulu xde bagi pun ubat2 tu.. Huhuhuu *oh, pasal ubat2 ni, we shall continue in another post*

So, 3 months went by. Dengan perit jerih morning sickness.

And then we were back again on Malaysian soil in late November. By that time we were busy with housekeeping stuff & all... Ye lah, dah 3 bulan xde kat rumah. Kena la tengok2 ape2 yg patut.

Up until recently, I was busy preparing for the baby's arrival. Setting up the big sister's room, buying new stuff for the baby (clothes, diapers, toiletries, play pen, dresser). Beli sikit2 je la, mane yg kakak dia punye still ok lagi, kita recycle je. Hehe.. adat la kan
*ni pun nanti i bagi tips sikit on how to prepare for baby no.2*
Baby no.2 ni rasanya mcm more confident. I mean in terms on preparation la. Mesti most mothers out there experience the same thing jugak kan. Yela, sebab kita dah go through with the 1st one, so dah tau la mane2 red flags yang patut. Kan? Kan? Kan?
I just hope (and been praying) that it will be a normal delivery this time. VBAC lah kiranya. (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
Time kakak dia dulu pun tak mentally prepared kot for C-section. Cuak giler ok! Masuk OT menggigil2 sampai doctor kena letak heater atas badan. Hamekkawww!

Okaylah, this is it for now. Kita warm up sikit2 dulu la ekk... With this i leave you with a sneak preview of our Baby Boy. Insya Allah...

" Assalamualaikum...Hello world! :) "

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