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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Vegetable Garden

Salam all... Halu! Halu!

It's girls' day out today. Just me & Sara. We went to Ace Hardware *again* today to shop for our gardening stuff. Oh yes, OURS, coz Sara is also hooked to gardening now. Just like mummy... Hehe.

But it's good you know. Teach them young. At least they're learning something while at it & acts as one of the avenues to channel their energy. 

*Budak2..kan x reti nak duduk diam. Huhu..fening.. fening..*

So, like i said. This is a good activity for them. Try it :)

Raring to go!

We got some top soil & compost for the new garden bed

Some bricks. But this was just from the local hardware store, not Ace Hardware. 
I've cleared the sod to make way for a new vegetable garden. Almost done now.
There's my pandan leaves, serai & pokok limau. 

Looks like things are progressing nicely. Slowly but surely more wonderful organic things to come! 
Insya Allah... :)

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