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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rombongan Cik Kiah to Spotlight

Salam all...

Weehoo..!! Had been planning to go to Spotlight since it was opened last 12 July 2014. But just couldn't make time for it. 
The day finally arrived. Lucky there were few others who were as eager as i was! Made the trip even more fun. Hehe..

Spotlight is located on the 2nd floor of Ampang Point Shopping Centre. It is originated from Australia if im not mistaken, and this is their 1st ever outlet in Malaysia. I heard that they'll be opening another outlet in Ikano by year end. Yippeee!! Even nearer to where i stay :)

Ok, my verdict.... NOT BAD AT ALL!! A good collection of craft items & sewing notions i would say. As well as fabrics..arts stuff..home decor..& party items. It has got enough of everything. Well, this is based on my unbiased opinion since ive been to John Lewis haberdashery & Hobbycraft in the UK. As well as JoAnn in the US. 

Before this, I always had to go to a few places to get my supplies, namely Bunga Reben in KL for sewing notions and Ikea & Jakel for fabrics. Phew.. Now with Spotlight, it acts as a one stop centre for me! I can get all my stuff there. The only minus point is, it is aaaalll the waaaay in Ampang. I hate the traffic there. **Go on weekdays morning guys! That's the best time. If u can afford it. Hehe**

I ended up getting some fabrics, batting & zippers. Enough for this 1st trip. Will definitely be back soon!!

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