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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Toddler Backpack Tutorial

Salam all...

I found this wonderful tutorial for Toddlers Backpack from The Ribbon Retreat Blog. Very nice of her to share this. I took this opportunity to make one for Sara's 3rd birthday. 
**Oh, btw, she chose the fabric herself the last time we went fabric hunting**

Overall, Im very satisfied with the outcome. It's just that i think it could be a bit more smaller in size. Maybe i'll make some alterations another time. Plus i prefer if the straps start right at the top, where the small strap is.

I didn't have any strap adjusters, and didn't have time to buy one, since this is kinda last minute project haha. So i make do with some velcro to make the straps 'adjustable' some what.

Cut all the necessary pieces for the outer fabric & the lining fabric

Start assembling the main body of the outer fabric

Assemble the lining fabric, then match up the seams at the bottom with the outer fabric. Stitch them up. 

Yeay!! The final outcome :)

The inside of the bag, complete with a front pocket.

The mini surprise for the birthday girl. Sara turns 3 !!

The 'happy customer' ! :)

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