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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bee Hoon Soto Recipe

Resipi Bee Hoon Soto Sedap & Sambal Kicap D'bomb!!

Salam all...

Waaahhh!! Tajuk entry tak nak kalah gittewww ;)

Thank you to Kak Yati Sinar Kehidupanku for this wonderful recipe. Now I have another decent dish to add on to my Hari Raya menu list. Hehehe..

First, prepare the begedil. You can also get it done a day earlier & keep it frozen.  

Now that it's done, we can move on the soup...

The ingredients: Bahan2 tumis & Bahan2 kisar

The condiments..
Don't forget the Sambal Kicap!

Alrighty, that is all for now. Give it a try peeps. This one gets a big thumbs up from me, definitely!
Moving on..which dish shall i try next. ??

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vinyl Pouch Tutorial

Salam all..

So, as mothers I'm sure u can agree that it IS a pretty daunting task when handling your kids' toys. There's just too much. Too many. From the really expensive ones..to the cheapo China made ones. If you're anything like me (insert neat freak!), with a motto like "There's a place for everything", I WILL make sure that there is a place for them all. Hahaha.

From the shelves, to the drawers, to the bins, to the containers, and to the pouches. Bigger ones can stay in the shelves/drawers, smaller ones in pouches, aahh  u get the idea.  
That is how i stumbled upon THIS tutorial. It's pretty cool. Using vinyl on one side, you&your child can now easily find that tiny piece of lego/rainbow loom/hairpins!

Check this out...

Things that u need: Fabrics, Vinyl, Zipper, Bias Tape

Oh, caution: If u don't have a non-stick foot, or walking foot (i have both, but i just wanna try this for experiment sake) , just stick a tape on the bottom your regular foot so it won't stick to the vinyl. It can be pretty annoying if this happens. Errgghh!

Stick a tape on the bottom like so..

Done! There...much better! Now i know where Princess Sofea & her tea sets are hiding! ;)