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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sambal Goreng Jawa Recipe


Hi all..!! I've meaning to blog about this for the longest time. Mainly because I want to document it for my own future reference. This is THE famous raya dish in my family. My mom will prepare this every year, without miss. This famous recipe actually came from my late grandmother (dad's mom).

Since my mom was staying here for a bit, i asked her to cook this for me. Hehe (She had taught me before, but just in case i forgot some of the ingredients/steps.. )

You'll need:
-Limpa, paru, hati, daging
-Cili kering
-Bawang Goreng
-Gula Kabung
-Asam Jawa
-Salt to taste

Limpa, Hati, Paru & Daging (1 pack each) - Rebus

Lepas rebus, potong dadu & goreng. Tak perlu sampai garing. 
Cili kering (agak2) -  potong serong & deep fry dalam 2,3 minit sahaja

Gula kabung, santan, asam jawa

Mixture of 1 box of santan kotak, 1 box water, & about 1 tbsp of asam jawa. But personally i think u can put 2 boxes of santan & omit the water. 

Put all the main ingredients in a medium wok/pan & add on the santan mixture.

...just to cover the main ingredients like so
Bring to a boil
Add in the gula kabung. Not to forget some salt. Adjust to your liking
Add in the cili kering
... and bawang goreng
Cook until the santan thickens. 

Tada..!! Here it is, ready to be served with some rice or nasi impit or ketupat :) 

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Look soo good..gonna try em