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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Choosing the Right Stabiliser for Your Embroidery Work

Salam all..

As some of u might already know, embroidery is not a new thing to me. However, let me tell u a secret. All these while, i've been doing it wrong. I've actually been using interfacing as my stabiliser. 
Which is a big NO-NO people!! If you want to preserve the quality of your work, as well as maintain the quality of your machine, stick to the right stabiliser ok! 

For those of you sewing novices, or sewing-illeterate **hehe** now is the que for 
"What the heck are these interfacing & stabiliser thingy??""

Well.... to simply put, it is actually a layer of mesh that you put below your desired fabric to give it a nice support for the machine to embroider into. Here, look at these for better understanding :)

**Oh, btw, I referred here for different types of stabiliser**

This is the 'Tear Away Stabilizer'. I bought it from Spotlight IKANO for RM104.99

Additional info:
-Cut Away Stabilizer is RM104.99
-Water Soluble Stabilizer is RM89.99

This is how the stabilizer looks like from the wrong side of your project

Once embroidery is done, take it out from the hoop..

..and just tear away the stabilizer. Gently..

Tada..!! The end product :)

**This is actually a customised order. Diaper Tote/Bag available on my Etsy Shop for RM150**

Ok, that is all for now. I hope you will find this useful for any of your future projects! :)