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Thursday, October 6, 2016

And Then There Were Five!


Gosh! Can't believe that i can actually sit & type CALMLY here, today. Finally! The Mr. has been nagging me to do this. To find some me-time. Create some me-time. It's just that i felt Ali (our youngest, whom is now 7mo) still needs mummy full time at home. Then again, it's just me. I can be pretty hard on myself at times. 

Anyhow, this feels good! Damn good! As i sip my coffee & breath in the aroma of this Dr. Cafe Coffee..
(coz Starbucks is too mainstream?? haha! Nah, it's just a matter of convenience-more parking space here)
im thinking how i miss this. 
-I miss blogging
-I miss my sewing

Ok, enough on those personal stuff. Just last week i managed to whip up some sewing projects for Sara's birthday. So quite an achievement there as well! :)
She's been wanting some accessories for her baby doll. So i've decided to make some diapers, bassinet, blanket/swaddle, wipes & a diaper bag. 

Proudly carrying her baby bassinet

Pretty cute diaper back pack don't ya think? 

Here are some of the tutorials that became my guide. I did alter some measurements for the diaper bag. Do drop me any questions/comments if u need more info ya!

Till then, wish me more productive sewing & blogging time! 

**Baby Wipes**

**Baby Bassinet**

**Diaper Bag**

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